Reorganization of personal enterprise to Ltd.

Urgent reorganization of individual company into Ltd. (Urgent reorganization of companies)

Have the tax situation and conditions of your business changed?

Is other status of company better for Residence Permit?

Do you want to change legal form of company but do not know where to begin?

Without stopping operation of your company we will quickly and professionally reorganize it.

Price of reorganization of individual company into Ltd. is 350 €.


Set of services includes:

  • Registration of changed status;
  • Preparation of incorporation documents;
  • Notarial fee;
  • Advertisements;
  • Informing of the creditors, sending the letters for them
  • Temporary reservation of company name;
  • Charge of Center of Registers;
  • Stamp.


Depending on status of restructured company, we perform reorganization process in 2-3 weeks, after receipt of all required data.

You should submit these documents and information:

  • Certificate of registration of individual company;
  • Status of individual company;
  • Balance of individual company;
  • Information regarding creditors of the company;
  • Completely filled form of reorganization of individual company.

Our services:

  • Preparation of necessary documents to carry out the reorganization process;
  • Prepare statutes of the future Ltd;
  • Represent your interests at notary and at the Center of Registers;
  • In the time of process we provide legal advice;

You only need to come and sign all documents at the time agreed in advance.

By reorganization of individual company only one shareholder may occur who is former owner: after the reorganization he can donate half of his shares or sell it to whomever he wants (including his wife)

For further information, please contact our consultants by phone +37068618228 


Regarding reorganization of companies

Reorganization – is replacement of legal form of legal entity (company, association, institutions, organization, etc.) when legal person of new legal form takes over all rights and duties of reorganized legal person. During the reorganization the legal person is not liquidated, only legal form of it is change. Irrespective of what will be the legal form of new legal entity, participants of reorganized legal person (owners, shareholders, stakeholders, members, etc.) are liable for three years in the alternative under the obligations of converting legal entity which occurred until new legal form of legal entity registration in the Register of Legal Entities.

Reorganization of Ltd. into LLC., and reorganization of LLC. into Ltd. Private limited liability company and public limited liability company can be reorganized into public limited liability company or private limited liability company, state company, municipal company, agricultural company, cooperative company (cooperatives), general partnerships, limited partnerships, individual company, public institutions.

Reorganization of individual company into private limited liability company (Individual company can be converted into public limited liability company, private limited liability company, public institution)

Reorganization of public institution into budget office or into charity and support fund. Public institution can be converted into budget office (when the owner of the public institution is state or municipality), charity and support fund.

Reorganization of general partnership or limited partnership into public limited liability company, private limited liability company, agricultural companies, cooperative company, individual company, public institution, charity and support fund. General partnership or limited partnership can be converted into limited partnership (or general partnership), public limited liability company, private limited liability company, agricultural companies, cooperative company (cooperative), individual company, public institution, charity and support fund.

The remaining legal entities of legal forms (associations, charity and support fund, cooperative company, etc.) are reorganized under general procedure.

For further information, please contact our consultants by phone +37068618228 

2. Quick establishment of Ltd. (Fast establishment of the companies)

We will establish the company for you quickly and inexpensively

Terms of establishment

- Within 3-4 business days, but if you pick from available (already established) companies it takes 1 hour.

Purchasing of already established company is better for foreigners in case when every second is valuable. In such cases we always have about 100 companies for sale.

The authorized capital

The authorized capital can be from 2500 €.

The authorized capital should be increased until 100 000 € and more according existing laws if the client is planning to get the permission to live or get the credit or get the license for the special business

When you purchase a company with our brokering, we take the concerns about formation of the authorized capital. You just need to tell what authorized capital of company you need. Everything will be legalized and accounts will be correctly placed.

Virtual / Registration address

Every company must have registration address. This is the place where you will receive the correspondence from state authorities (address can be changed or correspondence can be sent by other address by your request).

You can use our registration address which is often included into the price or you can give us your address at the time of establishing.

Purchasing established company from us, address is donated for good.

Our general benefits – is professionalism, experience working with foreigners and of course velocity.

Please contact our consultant by the phone +37068618228, and you will be given full information

3. Urgent purchasing or liquidation of Ltd. (Urgent liquidation of the companies)

Has the company become unnecessary to you? You are away from Lithuania?

Have you suspended the business activities?

We can buy your company urgently, in one day.

We can suspend activities of company or liquidated company urgently, within 3-5 days.

Sometimes we purchase the companies which have debts.

Contact our consultants by the phone +37068618228 and we will help you quickly get rid of any company.

4. Virtual address (Urgent provision of address)

Virtual/ Registration address

Time of the provision of the address – is 10min.

Prices from 40 €.

We have our own office premises in administrative building, in thousands of companies work, that is why we can quickly provide you virtual/ registration address, which is suitable for all institutions: to obtain and extent the residence permit in VAT in the Tax Inspectorate, in Migration department.

  1. By establishing the company you can use our registration address which is often included into the price or you can give us your address.
  2. Purchasing establishing company from us, address is donated for good
  3. Getting the residence permit, you certainly will need real and “clean” registration address.
  4. By getting VAT you also will need registration address.
  5. Purchasing the company the registration address will be needed.
  6. Changing one registration address to another, registration address also will be needed.

Contact our consultants by phone +37068618228 and you will receive full information

the full price of the temporary residence pirmit 2100 Eur, following new rules

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