Establishment of companies and sale to foreigners

Establishment, purchase, sale of the company to foreigners

Prices – from 200 EUR. Time - from10 min.

  1. Establishment, purchase, sale of the company with or without your presence.
  2. Establishment of the companies to foreigners. Special offer!
  3. Buying of companies for best prices.
  4. Urgent preparation of companies and sale within 10 min.
  5. A large choice of companies.


Prices of establishing companies – Ltd., the small community, personal company, public company – for foreigners is the same as for citizens of Lithuania and always depend from your chosen method of establishment.

  • We can only prepare you the documents necessary to submit in all essential instances and in them you will manage by yourself.
  • We can prepare documents and go through a several instances together with you; you will have to take the other part personally.
  • We can prepare the company and pass it to you already prepared, together with bank account and stamp.
  • We can provide you company‘s registration address for an indefinite period of time and also make for you any authorized capital.

Our staff professionally helps by establishing legal entities of various legal forms, their branches or representative offices:

  • We have big working experience with foreigners;
  • We help so select and reserve temporary company name in the Register of Legal Entities;
  • We provide temporary registration address;
  • We prepare company incorporation documents (founding agreements, bylaws, regulations, decisions, protocols), we register them in the notary office and the Register of Legal Entities;
  • We create and register company‘s web site;
  • We produce stamps necessary for the company;
  • We help to open the company‘s bank account and provide accounting and legal services;
  • We help to make contract with the company manager;
  • We register the company in the Taxpayer register and VAT register;
  • We prepare share sale- purchase agreement;
  • We provide full advertising services‘
  • We help to choose the legal form of legal person;
  • We provide consultations on formation of management structure, distribution of management responsibilities;
  • We represent clients in the Register of Legal Entities and in other public institutions.

Trust our staff the questions you are concerned with and get a qualitative and well-done service.

Call our consultant and choose the best way of establishing your company.

Phone number for consultations on establishment of companies: +37068618228.

the full price of the temporary residence pirmit 2100 Eur, following new rules

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All the services we can provide for you. Establishment of companies ( 4-5 days). Establishment of companies in remote way ( suitable for clients living outside the Lithuania). Urgent establishment  of the companies ( within 2-3 days). Sale of the companies ( the largest base of Lithuanian companies in sale). Sale of the companies in remote way (suitable for clients living outside the Lithuania). Urgent sale of companies (30 min). Establishment of an offshore company. Management of permissions to temporary live in Lithuania. Visas. Invitations. Business migration. Labour migration. Education migration. Legal services. Preparation of agreements and other documents. Commercial law. Representation of client interest in various instances. Corporate purchase. Purchase of indebted companies. Corporate restructuring ( reorganisation of individual Enterprise into a public Limited company and other options). Stamp orders and production. Company liquidation (2-3 months). Urgent company liquidation (1-2 days). Suspension of company activity. Bankruptcy of companies. Change of the company name. Change of statutes and other founding documents. Change of business address. Sale of foreign companies. Purchase of foreign companies. Sale of web projects. Purchase of data. Sale of data. Virtual office service. Rent of the registration address. Sale of the registration address. Purchase of registration address. Accounting services. Accounting services for foreigners. Accounting management remotely. Management of sloppy accounting. Management of accounting of company that have not carried any activity. Accounting preparation for reception and extension of permission to temporary live. Receipt of VAT payer code. Evaluation and preparation of company documentation. Debt recovery. Investments. Credits of the European Union Support funds. Debt prevention. Sale of business. Purchase of business. Bankruptcy of natural persons. Rent of office premises. Sale of office premises. Registration of trademarks. Preparation of business plans. Translation of various business documents for foreigners. Translation and apostile of documents necessary for a receipt of permission to temporary live in Lithuania. Translation services remotely. Labour safety. Obtaining various licenses. Organization of qualification training courses. Franchise. Marketing consultancy. Various printed advertisement. Web design. Street advertisement production.

Phone: +370 686 18228, Address: Laisvės pr. 60-1203, LT-05120 Vilnius. Spaudos rūmai.
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